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  • Season 2 ChangeLog & Info

Season II Changelog

Going into Season 2, we are very excited to share some of the features we have been working long and hard to bring to the server.
This changelog will give some info as to what was fixed, added, and removed from SinisterPrison with this massive update.

Bug Fixes:
* Resolved Issue where Island Mines weren't counting on Block Top
* Resolved Issue where Island Mines would default to A when Island Leader is Offline
* Resolved Issue where Unbreaking in Sword Upgrades was disabled
* Resolved Issue where some Sword Upgrades could not be applied
* Resolved Issue where Flight would be disabled before you could leave MineParty
* Significantly Buffed Boss Rewards to fit Eco Better
* Resolved Issue where Robots would not Produce for some players
* Buffed all Tier 1-10 Island Mine Sell Prices
* Fixed player's Robots randomly not producing anything
* Updated Fall & Prestige Crates to include Robots, Excavators, and Rename Tags
* Resolved Issue where Flight Upgrade would sometimes be faster than /fly
* Resolved Issue where Upgrades would not work on Ores
* Disabled Explosive Upgrades in ExpMine
* Resolved Issue where Flight was disabled in ExpMine
* Resolved Issue where Lucky Block would not count some blocks
* Updated Pickaxe Upgrade GUI to fit better on Larger Screen Scales
* Buffed Cube Pickaxe Upgrade
* Resolved Issue where Enchants would not show up until Updating Pickaxe after receiving
* Resolved Issue where Pickaxe Upgrades would display in 1-line in the upgrade menu
* Resolved Issue where Lucky Block would produce outside mines

+ EXPMine Warp Unlock @ E Rank
+ EXP Transfer to Tokens (/Token EXP)
+ Introduced Updated to drop all items except Pickaxe on death
+ Island Upgrade for Island Chests 2-5
+ Added support for all versions up to 1.16.3
+ Added Beacon & Sea Lantern Mines
+ Added Rename Tags
+ Added Island Mine Excavators
+ Added /Partner for Partnership Program Information
+ Added current active sale to all Store GUI Items

Season 2 is now Officially Released! If you are interested in competing in the Season 2 Block Top Competition, Join Today and get to grinding! Season 2 will be a 10-Week Long Season, boasting Weekly Payouts for the Top 5 Miners Each Week! We have been working extremely hard to perfect lots of systems that have been on Sinister since the start, and also introduce new features that have been Suggested by the Community!

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